Snowed In

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If you’re like many parents, with school-aged children, you may have cabin fever after this week due to school closings. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a fun time being stuck in the house. However, if you’re wanting to be productive by cleaning your home here are a few cleaning tips regarding areas that you may forget about when cleaning.

  1. Light Switches
  2. Door Knobs
  3. Pet Bowls
  4. Bathroom Door, Front Door and Door from garage into house
  5. Garage Door Button
  6. Air Vents
  7. Phones (Cellular and Home)
  8. Remote Controls
  9. Closet and Pantry Floors
  10. Banisters
  11. Washer and Dryer (inside and outside)
  12. Inside Trash Cans
  13. Silverware Drawer
  14. Behind the Couch and Underneath Chairs
  15. Furniture
  16. Computer Screen, Mouse and Keyboard
  17. Baseboards
  18. Top Ledge of Door Trim
  19. Top of and Inside of Refrigerator
  20. Stove
  21. Garbage Disposal
  22. Top of and Inside of Microwave
  23. Coffee Maker
  24. Lamp Shades and Light Fixtures
  25. Ceiling Fans
  26. Behind Toilets
  27. Underneath Sinks
  28. Tub/Shower
  29. Shower Drain
  30. Shower Curtain
  31. Window Sills
  32. Corners of Walls and Flooring
  33. Behind Doors (cobwebs)

These areas may already be on your list. If not, this list may be a helpful reminder and possibly motivate you to promote a cleaner, healthier home. Give us a call If you’re looking to hire a professional custodial company. Have a great weekend!