Pressure Washing / Soft Washing

Exterior Cleaning

Is your home or building showing growth of green algae, dirt, debris, and cobwebs? Contact us today for a free quote on an exterior wash. We provide a soft wash cleaning method that is a low-pressure detergent-based wash. The soft wash method is a safe alternative to pressure washing, as using high pressure may cause damage to your property.

Our house wash services include exterior gutter, soffit, siding, windowsills, to the base of your home. We will remove the unsightly green algae, dirt, debris, cobwebs, and bird droppings.

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We clean vinyl siding, brick, stone, cedar, wood, stucco, limestone and more. In addition, we clean gutters, fascia, and soffit.


Driveways can become damaged overtime. Elements such as rain, snow, salt and freezing temperatures are a big factor in this. Concrete can chip, flake, and create cracks, leading to water penetrating and settling in the cracks. When this occurs, it can allow water to freeze and thaw. This is when you will notice larger cracks start to form. Eventually this results in vegetation to grow through the cracks of your concrete. Overtime this will lessen the quality of your concrete, leading to costly repairs. This can be prevented by having your driveways, walkways, porch, and other concrete surfaces cleaned and sealed by Warrum’s Cleaning.

Our concrete cleaning includes driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios, statutes, cement walls, parking-lots, curbs, and other hard services.

Roof Cleaning

Residing in Indiana one will generally see roof moss and algae staining. This typically occurs on the north side of homes due to lack of sunlight. The unwanted algae and moss feed off the crushed limestone in the shingles.

This algae is called Gleoeocapsa Magma and it spreads down your roof by rainfall.  The surface temperatures increase the dark staining.  To prevent this from occurring, it is recommended to have periodic cleaning to remove these stains to restore your shingles’ original appearance.

If your shingles are neglected, the quality can diminish quickly. You may see shingles begin to separate, allowing wind to blow them off easily. Alongside from maintaining the quality of your shingles, you will most certainly gain curb appeal and add value to your home.

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