Reduce the Risk of Pipes Freezing

It may not be possible to completely eliminate your pipes from freezing when the weather turns. However, there are a few ways to reduce the risk.

Closing your vents around your home reduces the airflow in your crawl space. This is especially helpful when the airflow is below freezing temperatures.

Another way to reduce the risk of your pipes from freezing is by opening the cabinets to your sink. Doing so allows heat in your home to circulate to your pipes, this is especially important for plumbing that may be against an exterior wall.

Lastly, allow water to drip from your faucets when you’re facing sub-zero temperatures. Having a constant drip will ensure water is running through your pipes.

Frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience, they can be costly if they were to burst. Taking these extra steps when the temperature drops will assist in keeping your pipes from freezing and keeping money in your pocket.